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Let’s REALLY, REALLY Set the Record Straight on the Teachers Training Building as a Library!

The University Heights Library Task Force meeting on March 20, 2019 had as special guests both City’s Public Library Director Misty Jones and School Board Trustee Richard Barrera.  Miss Jones shared the State Librarian’s letter whose visit to Annex 1 and Ms. Jones visit as well were prompted by four board members of the UH Friends of the Library.


 This article is in reference to the recent Editorial in the UHCA News of April 2019 that definitely requires a rebuttal as well as to recognize the UH Library Task Force’s endeavors of over 20+ years to preserve, adaptively reuse and return the Teachers Training Building Annex 1 to its former use as an educational facility, and its current potential as a Teachers Training Center shared with a joint use library for the benefit of the community.  The current Birney Elementary School library is 2000 square feet without a fulltime librarian.  The present UH Branch Library is 3,749 square feet.  Annex 1 can provide twice that square footage.

The UHCA editorial states that a library is not an educational facility, for which we then must ask the following questions:

 Why do schools from elementary through high school provide libraries for their students?

  • Why has the San Diego Unified School District used its Logan Heights High School property on which to partnership with the City of San Diego to build a public library for the school and community to share?
  • Why did the San Diego School District lease two floors from the City’s new downtown Central Library to provide a joint use school for students in that area?


The UHCA News Editorial further ignores the University Heights Library Task Force major efforts:

  • 1999:  Placement of the Teachers Training Building on the National Register of Historic Places;
  • 2004: An extensive architectural and engineering Feasibility Study of the building through funding from then Councilmember Toni Atkins that found the building was a viable use for a library, was supported by a majority of residents and recognized by the City’s Engineering Department as the #1 priority.
  • 2009: Historical Survey of the Normal Street San Diego School District Campus and its collection of building related to its educational development over a period of time from 1898 through 1953 and its continuing usage as an educational complex through present date;
  • 2018: Resolution in junction with the Community Coalition of University Heights and attached to the School District’s November 2018 School Bond to fund the restoration of the Teachers Training Building Annex 1, original Alice Birney Kindergarten Annex 2, Paid Parking Building study, and green space to benefit the University Heights Community.  This was endorsed by the unanimous approval of the School Board of Trustees. 


The University Heights Library Task Force at its March 20th meeting was able to initiate a dialogue between School Board Trustee Richard Barrera who stated that money was available and City Public Library Deputy Director Misty Jones who was open to working with the District on possibilities for Annex 1.

Why is the UHCA against a FREE library for our community??




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