University Heights, one of San Diego's oldest and most historic communities, offers residents and visitors a unique combination of history, architecture, theatre, music, art, and great restaurants. Located only five miles from downtown San Diego, University Heights is close to everything yet provides quiet, safe neighborhoods, and a vibrant community life. We are one of San Diego's most walkable communities with well-maintained sidewalks and a variety of restaurants, shops, and grocery stores within walking or biking distance.

Summer Concerts: Trolley Barn Park


                                                        Friday, August 7th    6pm to 8pm

                                                                 Trolley Barn Park

                                                                    Free Admission



There is no denying that Sue Palmer and Her Motel Swing Orchestra are one of a kind, and that is why we bring her back year after year to our Trolley Barn Park Concerts. Sue Palmer is the Queen of Boogie Woogie, and she reigns rightfully at our Summer in the Park event while seated in front of her keyboard. Anyone who has been to one of her shows, including our past concerts, knows that the fun starts when Sue and her irrepressible sidekick musicians turn up the power. That lineup includes lead singer Deejha Marie, sharing vocals with daughter Sharifah, trombone player April West, drummer Sharon Shufelt, guitarist Steve Wilcox, sax player Johnny Viau, bass player Pete Har-
rison, and, of course, Sue on keyboard and accordion.

In 2014 Sue’s Boogie Woogie tours included the Bay area, Silvan Zinggs International Boogie Woogie Festival in Lugano, Switzerland, a tour to Georgia, and an all woman blues review for San Diego’s Gator by the Bay Festival. Nothing is as good as Sue and her band’s live performances to impel you to jump up to practice your swing and jitterbug moves. So be ready to do just that when you head to Sue’s concert on August 7th.

                        Woogie & Swing

              Sponsored by Friends of Summer in the Park and Ross Lopez & Mark Ballam        

Community Appreciation Night 





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