Shaping Our Community’s Future: Tools and Basics of Land Use Planning

With the recent update to the San Diego General Plan and the current updates to the North Park and Uptown Community Plans, many of San Diego’s older communities, like University Heights, are at a crossroads as the city shifts its focus from development in San Diego’s suburban communities to infill and redevelopment in our older urban communities.

The purpose of this community forum series, sponsored by the University Heights Historical Society and the University Heights Community Development Corporation, is to provide residents with a very broad overview of some of these recent changes, the basics of community planning in San Diego, and to invite residents to think about what they value about our neighborhood and their vision for its future shape.

All lectures are free and will take place on Thursday evenings from 6 to 7:30 pm at the historic Grace Lutheran Church in University Heights, located at 3993 Park Blvd. at the southeast corner of Park and Lincoln. Free parking is available in the lot behind the church. Enter the church from the back alley and take the stairs to your right up to the Fellowship Hall on the second level. For more information, contact the University Heights Historical Society at (619) 297-3166 or visit our website at

OCTOBER 13, 2011: The Building Blocks of Community Planning in San Diego, Cathy Winterrowd, Principal Planner, Historical and Natural Resources, City of San Diego Development Services Department and Planning; and Marlon Pangilinan, Senior Planner in Community Planning and Project Manager for North Park and Uptown Community Plan updates.

This lecture will provide a brief overview of the fundamental building blocks for land use planning in our communities and how they are implemented. Cathy and Marlon will discuss the recent update to the San Diego General Plan, current updates to the Uptown and North Park Community plans, historic surveys, and the 45-review year process, and implications for individuals and neighborhoods in UH.

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NOVEMBER 10, 2011: The Role of Community Organizations in Shaping University Heights, Leo Wilson, Uptown Planners; Vicki Granowitz, North Park Planning Committee; Christopher Milnes, University Heights Community Development Corporation; and Greg Sorini, University Heights Community Association

Community members can have a voice in the shape of their communities by participating in a variety of organizations, including city-recognized planning groups and other organizations that participate in land use decisions. Representatives from key community organizations in UH will share a brief overview of their organization’s mission, goals, membership and how to get involved.

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JANUARY 12, 2012: What’s So Special About University Heights? Defining Our Community Character, Kristin Harms, University Heights Historical Society

University Heights if one of San Diego’ oldest and most historic communities, which is one of the top five reasons people like living here. Kristin will provide a brief overview of the early history of UH, changes in our community’s demographic profile since 1980, and highlights of two recent surveys among UH residents about our quality of life and community character.

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FEBRUARY 9: 2012: Visioning our Future for University Heights,  Leo Wilson, Uptown Planners and Kristin Harm, University Heights Historical Society

Leo and Kristin will review highlights of the 2008 San Diego General Plan, describe elements of the draft Uptown Community Plan, present SANDAG population and housing estimates for University Heights, and form community work groups to review General Plan Element goals and policies, and develop recommendations for UH.

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MARCH 8, 2012: Tools for Preserving Community Character: Historical Designation, Cathy Winterrowd

The City of San Diego recognizes the benefits of historical resource preservation to the community as well as to individual property owners. In addition to protecting the unique history, architecture, or character of a community, preservation efforts promote a sense of neighborhood pride, and stabilize or increase property values. Cathy will discuss the benefits of historic designation, financial incentives for owners of historical properties, and the process for historically designating individual properties as well as districts.

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APRIL 12: 2012: Tools for Preserving Community Character: Conservation Areas, Bernie Turgeon, Senior Planner in Community Planning and Co-Project Manager for North Park and Uptown Community Plan updates

Conservation areas are a planning tool that can be used to help protect a neighborhood’s unique community character through architectural guidelines, development standards, and special zoning provisions. The precise nature of each Conservation Area is generally determined by the residents of a particular neighborhood, in conjunction with the local Planning Group and the City. Used successfully in other cities, San Diego is contemplating use of Conservation Areas. Bernie will provide an overview of the background, purpose, and process for using Conservation Areas and how they might be used in University Heights.

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