The UHCDC offers information and referral services to residents and businesses as well as mediation of community-related disputes.

Bureaucratic Navigation

The UHCDC assists residents and businesses in cutting through the red tape at local government offices to obtain answers and solutions to community issues. For more information, please contact the UHCDC at (619) 297-3166 or

Resolve Your Disputes (RYD) Program

The RYD program seeks voluntary resolution of community related disputes using a three-pronged approach - intervention, mediation, and bureaucratic navigation:

  • INTERVENTION in our program is the active monitoring of the community's vital signs to interrupt brewing conflicts (both in bars and coffeehouses).
  • MEDIATION is a process that uses a neutral third party to help disputants resolve their own problems.
  • BUREAUCRATIC NAVIGATION is assisting community residents to access government offices, people and programs.

RYD partners with front line neighborhood groups, such as citizen's patrols, local code enforcement committees, planning committees, council offices, and community associations, since they are often the first to become aware of simmering problems.

The program also includes training in conflict resolution for community groups, residents, and the business community.

For more information, please contact the UHCDC at (619) 297-3166 or

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